Ben's Cat

Ben Found a kitten. A tiny, miserable, wet kitten, with hardly any chance of 
surviving, but with a lot of air in his lungs.

"Such a tiny kitten would never survive without its mother", said Nadav,
his flat mate. Yet, Nadav was tolerant, and Ben prepared a shoe box for his 
helpless kitten. He warmed him using tiny medicine bottles, filled with hot 
water, wrapped in socks, so that he would not get burnt. He put a light bulb
on top of the box, and created a small green house for the kitten. Every 
two hours, he fed him with a solution that his mother, a professional nurse,
helped him make.

Ben did not seriously want a cat, he only used to say he did. But when a tiny 
kitten crossed his way, he could not help it. The cat needed him. "Tiny 
tweet-tweet", he used to called him softly. 

Whenever he did not hear his voice, he used to abandon his homework and go look
for him. Whenever he saw a movie on the DVD, he would miss him and lift him to 
his lap.

Ben taught the cat to come when called, and use the sand box. He taught him 
to love back, to speak Hebrew, English and French. He taught him to go over 
his mail, and develop free software.

He taught him about dependency, about symbiosis, about needing and about 
"together". Using a paper ball, he taught him about the happiness of 
little things, about the joy of the moment and about carelessness.

He was happy.