My name is Orna Agmon Ben-Yehuda. Ladypine is the Hebrew translation of my given name. You can contact me using the following methods:

I prefer programming, using and administrating Linux. I am a proud Haifux. I am one of Hamakor's founding members. I used to be on the board during 2005-2006, but I am not even a member anymore.


I used to keep several online diaries for different purposes. The only active blog is livejournal, which describes events and thoughts in my life in English. Old blogs:

Free Software

Web Sites

I am the webmaster of, Haifa Linux Club site, where I also administer the scheduling of lecturers. I also built the following sites:


Once, I used to be a bookworm. Nowadays, I am a bookcrosser. I also keep a book wishlist. I arrange book crossing events in Linux and free software events which I participate in organizing. For that purpose, I wrote a Hebrew Book Crossing Invitation. All this activity is sometimes covered in the newspapers. An article about bookcrossing was published in Yedioth.


I participated in the play "Caramba's Revenge", by the Haifa English Theatre as Ronnie. PR pics and some more.


I am interested in game theory, and especially in aspects of game theory regarding scheduling of clusters.


My father is from Tunis, and my mother's parents are from Polland. I started collecting our traditional Tunis Recipes to go with that.


The current ruler of the house is Maud, found on September 11th, 2002, aged about 3 months. She is pretty stupid and a bit crippled. But she comes right away when she is called or whistled, especially if she is outside. She is very conversational, which is a trait of Siamese cats.

Ladypine's Stories

I write because they are there to be written. The stories are in Hebrew, except for two translations: Ben's cat and RTFM.
The dentist
Original version
The dentist
The annotated version
Point of View
Nesher Motel 2
Nesher Motel 3
Cats Go From Left to Right
Originally written while in a navy base
Pay Day
Nesher Motel 4
In Your Hand
Orthogonal Reality
Nesher Motel 5
My Childhood Ponds
RTFM and its English translation.
Beautiful and Sexy
Yahav's Story
A worn out Teddy Bear
For Personal use
The Dress
White Estate
Ben's cat
Dedicated to Muli Ben Yehuda. Hebrew- Original English- Translation
Madam Ohana
Her Diary
Dedicated to Ranny Budnik
Traffic Light
Stupidity Killed the Cat
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